Pet Policy For Bella Speranza Sober Living

Bella Speranza Pet Policy

Pet Policy 

Prior to arrival your pet must be declared admissible by our intake staff. Upon intake you will sign the Pet Agreement. No exceptions.  

You will need: 

* Leash and collar (with ID tag) 

* Pet records (in case of emergency)  

* Food preference 

* Pet bed 

* Bowls 

* Shampoo 

* Favorite treats 

* Favorite toys 

* Crate for indoors 

Below are a few key points from our Pet Agreement: 

* Any and all pets must be licensed by the city of Santa Ana. 

* Only NON-AGGRESSIVE animals are accepted. If your pet shows any sign of aggressive behavior, we will ask you to remove your pet from the property immediately. This is a ZERO tolerance policy. 

* All pets must be treated for fleas prior to move-in and continually on a monthly basis, at guest’s expense. 

* It is important to understand if your pet is a problem, and/or disruptive, or you are unable to provide appropriate care for your pet, it may become necessary to seek alternative boarding – at your cost. We are happy to help make these arrangements, if they become necessary.  

* If your pet damages or destroys Bella Speranza property, you will be held financially liable for the damages. You are also financially responsible for any and all of your pet’s needs. 

* A one-time non-refundable pet deposit of $500.00 is due upon admit. 

We look forward to sharing your journey to recovery with you and your loving furry friend, We are thrilled to welcome you both to Bella Speranza Sober Living.